Cicero Capital

Cicero Capital

Cicero Capital is a financial advisory boutique operating exclusively in the markets of Central & Eastern Europe. It consists of a small team of highly experienced investment professionals led by James Oates.

The members of the team comprise a pool of many decades of experience in a variety of investment structures. We have transacted business across Central & Eastern Europe in a variety of leading, well known investment firms.

The firm is focused on Investment Advisory for a core group of clients. As such we are creating investment vehicles to look at a variety of different asset classes, including equity – both traded and private – mezzanine and hybrid debt instruments. We also advise on investment in specialist investment vehicles, such as for distressed real estate, forestry and other non-financial assets.

Our basic strategy is to identify companies with solid cash generation potential, but which may suffer from misallocated balance sheets, and then seek to apply capital to correct the imbalances and make the business sustainable. A further characteristic that we seek is the capacity of our investment targets to participate on regional or sectoral consolidation.

We have worked on highly confidential transactions covering manufacturing, retail, logistics and finance in a variety of different markets.

Our extensive experience and our presence on the ground in the region allow us to develop investment theses and identify investment targets far more rapidly than those based outside Central & Eastern Europe.

We conduct our business in an ethical and professional manner which is why we have been able to develop long term close relationships with leading institutional investors and selected large family offices in order to maximise their returns from investment in the region.

Cicero Capital is at the centre of a network of different investment circles and is exceptionally well connected in our core markets in Central & Eastern Europe, particularly the Polish Market; the Baltic markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the Balkan/Adriatic Markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia, and several other markets in the region.