LEADELL Fogels & Vītols


LEADELL Pilv Law Office – with LEADELL Fogels & Vītols in Latvia and LEADELL Balčiūnas & Grajauskas in Lithuania – are among the leading business law firms in the Baltic countries, providing services to business clients. International publications have recognised us, i.a., for dispute resolution, corporate and commercial law counselling, tax law expertise and real estate practice.

The first part of the name LEADELL is the word “lead” and it symbolizes leading clients in the legal field. The second part of the name is the abbreviation ELL that represents Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. The name of the alliance incorporates an abbreviation of the Baltic States, thus underlining that the alliance offers legal services for local and global customers in this region, which are based on a local experience and knowledge.

We connect the dots and see beyond the obvious because we go beneath the surface and are passionate about what we do – secure and trustworthy legal advice.

Security. Trust. Passion.