Anson | Baer


Anson|Baer is a top 10 accounting firm in Estonia, that offers financial and business consulting services. They are an independent critic and counselor of Your business, a solid partner in making important decisions. They support their partners through each moment, whether it is the starting of one’s own business, implementing changes in an operating structure, adapting to new markets, aggressive expansion or reduction of expenses.

They know that starting one’s own company, entering a new market or expansion are important decisions and they will help You with all their capacity in making and analysing these decisions. They take care of solving the formal issues as well as compiling of business plans and counselling, so that you can concentrate on the substantial issues of your business. The clients of Anson|Baer include both starting entrepreneurs as well as companies that have reached international markets.

Anson|Baer will be Your strong partner, devoted to achieve the best results for You.

If their knowledge is not sufficient in some more complicated issues, they will include the best specialists of their fields and create a project team under their management in order to solve the task ahead.