Foreign Investors Council of Estonia (FICE)

Foreign Investors Council of Estonia (FICE)

BECC is a member of FICE – Foreign Investors’ Council in Estonia FICE, a lobby group acting to influence the Estonian Government and Estonia’s Governmental bodies on behalf of the international business community.

FICE comprises several foreign chambers in Estonia: Austrian, British, Danish, Finnish, German-Baltic, Holland, Norwegian, Swedish and French Chambers of Commerce.

Together, the nine countries represented in FICE account for almost 80% of the total foreign direct investments in Estonia [source: Eesti Pank].

Regular meetings are scheduled between FICE and the Estonian Government and its Governmental bodies.

FICE also arranges speaker events, such as its pre-election debates in English, which members of the various Chambers of commerce can attend.

FICE’s leading issues and priorities mirror the interests and concerns of foreign investors in Estonia and include:

– The Tax System

– Energy and Environment

– Administrative Reforms

– Education and Labor

– Business Ethics

FICE conducts an annual survey of its members to gauge opinion and confidence levels in the international business community. The findings are presented in Spring each year.


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The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven organisation. We have a team operating for the benefit of our members who are doing business within and between Estonia and UK.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member are:

  • A vote at the AGM
  • Access to BECC business services
  • Use BECC logo on your website
  • Company listed on BECC website

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